RCI students visit the U.S Embassy, Islamabad

The Information Resource Center (IRC) at the U.S. Embassy Islamabad organized "Meet With the Diplomats" Program at the Embassy and invited Roots International Schools students to participate in this session. Continuing to our valuable partnership, this opportunity was given to our O/A-level students/faculty and the MIUC students at the Embassy of the United States of America. The diplomats at the U.S. Embassy engaged the students on how they can contribute to the development of their country and the society as well. The program provided an excellent opportunity to students and the diplomats to meet and promote people to people connections between both United States and Pakistan. The students and diplomats were engaged in a very interactive session that included questions and answer session and later on an Online Polling was conducted as well which addressed the factors that keep women from achieving full equality with men; and to what extent is social media used as a platform to raise voice against the problems that the women have to face on daily basis. Under the umbrella of Young Diplomat Series, Women's Equality day is celebrated by the Embassy of US to acknowledge the efforts of women who are present worldwide and those who united to assure that the civil rights and privileges are available to all citizens equally. In the United States, August 26 is known as Women's Equality Day. The Embassy commemorates this day in 1920, as it marks when the 19th Amendment granted women the fundamental right to vote. The 19th Amendment was one step towards ensuring equality for all and underscored the common belief that when women do better, we all do better.