SSC / Matric

Secondary School Certificate(Matriculation)

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) is a recognized qualification in Pakistan and is a gateway for acquiring National and International education in colleges and universities not only in pakistan but also abroad.It is based on the textbook and curriula prepared by Punjab Education Department and National book foundation, furthuer approved by Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Eduation(FBISE/BISE). This qualifation is also known as MATRIC and provides a foundation for highrt level courses such as F.A, FSc, ICOM, ICS/or A-Level.

Eligibility For Admission

1:The student will be tested in 5 subjects’ i.e. English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Computers. Admission is subject to securing 70% pass percentage in all the subjects.
2: orginal School leave Certificate (SLC) from previous registered and recongized institute should be provided.
3: Students coming from schools affiliated with Examination Board other than Punjab or Federal have to provide NOC from the respective board.

Matriculation at RCI

Roots International Schools campuses oering Matric are recognized by FBISE/BISE. All registration & admission forms are processed through school administration. A child enters into this level after successful completion of Lower Secondary Education and stays there for three years.
1st year 13+ : Grade 8th
2nd year 14+ : Grade 9th /SSC I
3rd year 15+ : Grade 10th / SSC II
In Roots International Schools, a student stays for three years in SSC qualification after the completion of Lower Secondar yEducation (LSE). Students decide after Grade VII to choose between O Levels and Matriculation. Grade VIII classes commence from April and they will have their promotional exams in March. For grade IX and X April-March session is followed. Prescribed course is completed within a stated time. Later, exclusive revision is done to prepare students for achieving remarkable results of SSC - I & SSC - II in Final Examination held by FBISE.


RIS offers SSC qualifications which caters to ages ranging from 13 to 16 years and science & arts combinations are offered. In SSC, the curriculum usually includes a combinations of eight courses including 03 elective subjects such as Biology/Computing, Chemistry , Physics and five compulsory subjects which include Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamic Studies & Pakistan Studies.