What is ‘AS’ & ‘A’ Level

Cambridge Level AS examinations are usually taken at the age 17 and Cambridge A Level examinations at age 18.
If Students have already taken IGCSE’s or O Levels from Roots College International then they will find many of the skills they have already learnt relevant and beneficial to A Level Study at RCI.

How are AS & A Levels Taught at RCI?

A and AS Levels offer such flexible programmes that there is a lot of diversity in the way that they are taught. Roots offers the best faculty to support resourceful and experienced teaching at RCI.
The syllabus is set by Cambridge, and rigorously taught by seasoned and experienced faculty, with extensive training on the programme.The course differs for each subject, but there will be a mix of assessment methods, which may include coursework, practical exercises, oral and listening tests, projects and written examinations.
All syllabuses will require students to develop analytical skills and their application of knowledge in individual study.
A levels demonstrates students content knowledge in a subject as well as their ability to present a well reasoned argument, to understand and apply principles and to acquire deep understanding of a body of knowledge Studying for ‘A’ Levels is academically challenging, but offers excellent preparation for study at University or College around the world.

Examination Information

Cambridge A Level courses take two years to complete with exams taken at the end. Cambridge AS Level examinations are taken after a year either as part of the A Level course, or as a qualifications in their own right. Alternatively, the AS Level qualification will be taken at the end of a two year course.
Examinations are held in June and November each year with results issued in August and February respectively. It is mandatory for all students to be registered with RCI before taking the A level examination. Students must enter for A and AS Levels through a RCI campus